LBCE-PI-23-01 Customer Pick-Up Paperwork

Link-Belt Parts: Customer Pick-Up

Paperwork Needed
Starting February 27, 2023, a Bill of Lading will be required for all Customer Pick-Up orders.

Along with a Bill of Lading, the following still applies for a Customer
Pick-Up Order:

• A minimum of (3) working business hours processing time is required. (This excludes major weldments, such as boom that may require extra preparations for shipment)
• Pick-up is available 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
• Supply name and phone number of person responsible for pickup
• Supply day and time (am or pm) that you or your customer will be making the pickup
• If your customer is unable to make the pickup, please notify us immediately. If pickups are not made and no phone call is received, LBC will schedule the shipment for the following day to the distributor’s location as prepay and invoice.
• Make sure the vehicle is suitable for the parts. If uncertain, please contact the LBC Transportation Department for guidance.
• LBC reserves the right to refuse Customer Pickups, if the above conditions are not met.

If you have any questions regarding Customer Pickups, contact your Customer Service Representative.