Last Revised: February 16, 2024

This privacy policy describes how Link-Belt collects, shares, and processes personal data collected through the website This policy is directed to individuals with whom we interact, including visitors or users of our website, current and prospective customers, vendors, personnel of our authorized dealers, visitors to our facilities or other recipients of our products and services. We refer to individuals whose personal data is processed as ‘you’ in this policy.

User-Provided and Collected Data is an interactive website that provides information about the products and services offered by Link-Belt. We may collect information to optimize your user experience or address a product inquiry. By using this website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement.

Personal information is any information about a specific individual or information that could potentially identify a specific individual. Some additional information that could be collected includes contact information or professional relationship information.

  • Contact information allows Link-Belt to interact and communicate directly with the website user.
  • Professional Relationship Information helps Link-Belt to understand who you are so we can properly fulfill your request.

Usage data will include information concerning the user’s IP address, type of terminal or web browser, the date of the visit, unique device identifiers and other diagnostic data. When the website is accessed using a mobile device the usage date will include the type of mobile device, the device ID, the IP address, the mobile operating system, and other identifying data. may directly authenticate or connect a user to an authenticated (logged in) experience based on the user’s digital activity or data input by the user. An authenticated experience occurs when a set of log-in credentials are obtained from the user and will allow for additional access and experiences not allowed to non-authenticated users. In these circumstances an anonymous user is not allowed. Common authenticated users include Link-Belt and Dealer personnel, customers, and other interested parties. In an authenticated experience we collect personal information which will be tied to an authenticated account profile. Some additional personal information that might be collected includes personal preferences and authenticated account information.

  • Personal Preferences allows Link-Belt to provide an experience adjusted to the way the user prefers to receive the content.
  • Authenticated Account Information is an identity profile that is requested or created by the user and collected by Link-Belt to ensure an authorized user is accessing the content.


Cookies and other tracking technologies are used to improve website efficiency, enable better processing of information, and allow for a more personal website experience. Cookies may be disabled, but certain functionality of the website may not be available to the user if the cookies are not functioning properly.

Data Security

We have implemented and maintain appropriate technical and organizational security measures, policies and procedures designed to reduce the risk of accidental destruction or loss, or the unauthorized disclosure or access of personal data. However please be aware that no method of transmission over the internet or internet storage is completely secure.