210 ton | 185 mt
Nominal Capacity @ Radius210 US Ton(185mt) @ 8'(2.4m) Radius
Standard Boom44.3 - 200.1'(13.5-61.1m) six section formed
Telescope SystemPin and Latching
Attachment - Option 112-40-67'(3.65-12.2-20.42m) lattice
Attachment - Option 2(2) - 25'(7.62m) Lattice Extensions
Max. Tip Height326.7'(99.6m)
Max. Line Pull25,955lb(115.5kN)
Max. Speed (ft per minute)405fpm(123.4m/min)
Excellent transportability - can be configured to meet some of the toughest transportation laws
All manually offsettable fly options feature four offset positions of 2°, 15°, 30°, and 45°
All hydraulically offsettable fly options feature offset positions from 2° to 45°
12 ft (3.65 m) fly that is integral to on-board fly with 34.8 tons (31.57 mt) maximum capacity and two-line, one-load lift procedures
"Stow 'n go" outrigger pontoons are easily secured for transport
Pull-out CabWalk for easy access to and from the operator's cab
Large removable engine hood doors for ease of service
Job site travel with counterweight
20° tilting operator's cab with AM/FM radio and Bluetooth
Outriggers with auto-leveling
Access ladders and folding guardrails
Cameras for right side carrier, back-up, right side upper, and main and auxiliary winches
Composite driver's cab with document storage and AM/FM radio
Halogen daytime running headlights and LED lighting
Illuminated compartments and controls for night-time operation
Compliant to the highest emission requirements