120 ton | 100 mt
Nominal Capacity @ Radius120USt @ 7' (110mt @ 2.13m)
Standard Boom38 - 164 (11.67 - 50m)
Telescope SystemPin & Latching
Attachment - Option 135'-58' (10.7 - 17.7 m) Bi-Fold
Attachment - Option 2(2) 16' (4.9m) Lattice Extension
Max. Tip Height261.7' (79.8m)
Max. Line Pull23,632lbs. (105.12kN)
Max. Speed (ft per minute)354 fpm (107.9m/min)
Boom out-lifts all other competitors
Simple Operation- four boom extend modes
Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 - total crane operating system with V-CALC and Telematics
Counterweight consists of three 9,600 lb (4354.5 kg) counterweight for multiple transport and life scenarios
Fly option features four offset positions (0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°)
Boom wear pads have Teflon pucks that lubricate the boom sections (greaseless boom)
Full LED lighting package with three on-board cameras
Transports at under 95,000 lbs (43,092 kg)
0-20 degree tilting cab
Bluetooth AM/FM radio with auxiliary input
Time delayed wipers
Internal rated capacity limiter bar
Integrated air conditioning with Automatic Temperature Control - Standard
Single or Dual Axis Controller options
All gauges and switches are back-lit for superior visibility in low light conditions
24 Volt electrical system
Greaseless 4-link suspension on the rear axle with an optional Hydro-Gas Ride™ system
4 steering modes
Full-length flat deck with integrated steps and handholds