This story was originally reported in the February 2024 issue of Crane Hot Line.

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Wagstaff Crane Service has discovered an exceptional machine in Link-Belt's 120|HT hydraulic truck crane in the snow-covered mountains of Salt Lake City. The 120|HT can meet multiple Wagstaff needs, as it travels equally well in both the urban environment of Salt Lake City and up steep mountains across Utah.

Wagstaff is a crane services provider serving Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada from its base in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is situated in the Rocky Mountains and is nearly 500 miles from the closest metro area. For this reason, the company requires a crane that can operate in different environments and easily travel through the different types of terrain present in the region. This is crucial for Wagstaff, which recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.

“At first, I was curious how it was going to handle the mountains,” said Jordan Wagstaff, who is the primary operator of the 120|HT. “It did just great! It’s a great city crane and on-highway crane. It has plenty of power to go up and down the mountains and drives very well. It drives down grades great too. A lot of cranes don’t have the breaking power of the Link-Belt with its disk brakes and the Jacobs engine brake.”

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