This story was originally reported in Issue No. 5 2023 of Piledriver Magazine, authored by Lisa Kopochinski.

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With a completion date set for 2026, Baton Rouge, La.-LLC is well immersed in the new Golden Triangle Polymers project in Orange, Texas.

Named after the Golden Triangle region that encompasses the city of Orange, this is a major joint venture project between CP Chem and Qatar Energy. CP Chem will manage engineering, procurement and construction for the project and operate the facility after start-up.

Construction has already begun with the peak of construction personnel expected to be onsite in late 2024 through mid-2025. This project is expected to create more than 500 permanent jobs and approximately 4,500 construction jobs.

CP Chem conducted an extensive economic impact study with the support of outside experts when considering Orange, Texas as the location for the project. The results of that study showed the project will generate an estimated $50 billion for the area in economic output over 20 years during construction and operations.

Pile program
PDCA member Cajun Industries' involvement in this impressive project began in the summer of 2022 with the mobilization and test pile program beginning last October.

"Piling is slated for completion by the end of this year," said Daniel Sprunk, lead project manager at Cajun Industries. "Piles will support the foundation for two polymer units, three cooling towers and all of the offsite utilities and support structures on the project."

A total of 10,257 precast concrete piles and steel sheet piling are expected to be driven. The driven piles are 16 inches by 16 inches and 18 inches by 18 inches square precast concrete piles, ranging in lengths from 35 feet to 80 feet long.

Sprunk says driven piles were ultimately the best choice as the availability and supply of precast concrete piles was valuable to the project.

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