Lexington, KY  – Gruas y Autotransportes Velásquez S.A. de C.V. (GAVSA) is a crane rental company based in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. In July, 2017 GAVSA was awarded a crane rental contract for Atizapán-Atlacomulco Highway project. Scope of work for GAVSA includes erecting support columns, transport of materials, installation of scaffold, installation of tower cranes, footing support, and columns.

Expected to improve connectivity between the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico to the northern and western parts of the country, the highway will be 74 kilometers (45.9 miles) long, with four lanes (two in each direction), and will also involve building various tunnels and viaducts.

“We like the transportability and self-assembly of the RTC-80130,” said Jorge Apolonio Velázquez, Operations Manager Villahermosa for GAVSA.

“Getting to the base of these columns for the bridge spans is not easy, but the RTC-80130 handled the uneven terrain and steep grades very well. We have constant shipments of rebar and other materials entering from the north side of the job site with only a small window of time to get the RTC-80130 down the steep road and into position for deliveries,” said Velázquez.

GAVSA has been a long time Link-Belt customer with over 35 Link-Belt cranes in their rental fleet.

“We like the Link-Belt cranes because they are easy to service and maintain,” said Velázquez.