Lexington, KY – Extreme Steel Crane and Rigging of Warrenton, Virginia used their 60-ton (50-mt) HTC-8660 hydraulic truck crane at the White House in Washington, D.C. to replace the South Portico steps using a vacuum lifting system. The $1 million project, which included dismantling Truman-era staircases and installing carefully selected cuts of Missouri limestone, was completed in August 2017 (source: Modern Contractor Solutions).

Timing of the South Portico project overlapped a remodel of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that was facilitated by National Park Service and the General Services Administration. The $3.4 million project was completed in August and included the replacement of 27-year-old HVAC system along with renovations of the Navy Mess kitchen, West Wing lower lobby, and IT system. According to the White House, these renovation plans had been approved by the previous administration.

“The National Park Service hired Extreme Steel through two other subcontractors,” said Chris Burke, Operations Manager at Extreme Steel.

“We were there for about 22 days, taking out and then replacing the old steps. The HTC-8660 Series II was at a 60 ft. (18.2 m) radius and the steps weighed 4,500 lbs. (2 041 kg) apiece,” said Burke.