Link-Belt announces upgraded RTC-8065 Series II

Lexington, KY (Sept. 22, 2005) Ė Link-Belt announces the RTC-8065 Series II telescopic rough terrain crane with a state-of-art operatorís station and a fully rigged transport and working weight of less than 90,000 lbs (40 823 kg). This rough terrain crane, unveiled earlier in the year as a 60-ton, has been upgraded to a 65-ton (60.00 mt) base rating.

Better View from Operatorís Cab
The galvaneal operatorís cab with curved front window glass dramatically increases visibility at high boom angles. For optimum operator productivity and comfort, the 6-way adjustable seat perfectly matches up to the controls. Lift-up armrests and a wide sliding door allow easy access to the cab. All gauges and switches are in the operatorís forward line of sight and backlit for low-light operation. The optional air conditioner integrates into the heating and ventilation system, which has directional vents in the front of the cab.

Long Reach Attachment
The RTC-8065 Series II features the new Link-Belt-designed, 38-115 ft (11.6-35.0 m) four-section full power formed boom. Teflon pucks automatically lubricate the boom sections requiring no boom grease. Available as an option, a 35-58 ft (10.7-17.7 m) bi-folding fly attachment extends maximum tip height to 180 ft (54.9 m). Two optional lattice fly inserts extend the tip height to over 211 ft (64.3 m). The fly options have four offset positions of 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

Powering the RTC-8065 Series II is the 225-horsepower (168 kW) Caterpillar 3126B engine. A direct-mount Spicerís power-shift transmission brings the power to the wheels. It has six forward and six reverse speeds. A switch in the operatorís cab controls the four steering modes: independent front, combination, crab, and independent rear.

4-Link Suspension with Hydro-gas Rideô
The RTC-8065ís automotive style, 4-Link suspension is a first in rough terrain cranes. The fully independent rear suspension reduces bouncing and improves handling both on and off the road. For an even better ride, Link-Beltís patented Hydro-gas Rideô suspension is available as an option. This systemís charged accumulator serves as a shock absorber improving carrier stability. At higher road speeds, Hydro-gas Rideô provides a level of comfort and handling unmatched by other rough terrain cranes.

Accessibility and Service
There are six access points on the RTC-8065 Series II. Each point features oversized, integrated steps and handholds. Access to the carrierís expansive flat deck and operatorís cab is a breeze. For easy engine access and serviceability, there are large swing-out engine doors.

Winches that Perform
The winches deliver 17,182 lbs (7 793 kg) of line pull and 459 fpm (139.9 m/min) of line speed. Spooled onto the winch drum is a durable 0.75 in (19 mm) diameter, 6x19 IWRC wire rope. Rotation resistant rope is available as an option.

Loads of Standard Features
Naturally, the new RTC-8065 Series II comes with the same job-proven standard equipment found on other Link-Belt telescopic cranes:

  • CALC (Confined Area Lifting Capacities) system
  • Lightweight and durable steel outrigger pontoons
  • Full deck steel fenders
  • Pre-paint

With these features and more, the RTC-8065 Series II gives Link-Beltís rough terrain line a lot more lift.



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