Link-Belt launches new LS-218H II lattice boom crawler crane

Lexington, Kentucky (October 2, 2000) — Link-Belt announced the new LS-218H II, 110-ton (99.79 mt) lattice boom crawler crane, featuring a variety of enhancements including major lift capacity increases, quicker self-assembly and disassembly, easier transportability, a new counterweight removal system. With a transportation weight of less than 80,000 lbs. (36 287 kg), plus Link-Belt’s patented “Quick Draw” self-assembly/disassembly system (optional) this 100-ton crane provides maximum versatility.

The HYLAB tradition continues

An addition to the highly successful HYLAB (Hydraulic Lattice Boom) series of lattice boom cranes first introduced in 1987, the new LS-218H II has increased lift capacities of 10 tons (9.07 mt). This increased capacity enables the LS-218H II to out pick the competition virtually everywhere on the chart, making it the strongest crane in its class. The greater capacities are achieved by increasing the track gauge to 15-ft., (4.57 m) and adding counterweight. The new, longer side frames not only extend to 17.5-ft. (5.33 m) wide for a solid lifting base but they hydraulically retract to less than 12-ft. (3.66 m) for on-site travel in restricted-space areas and transportation.

Superior reach and enhanced capacities

The LS-218H II offers an increased tubular lattice boom from 40 to 230 ft. (12.19 to 70.10 m). A jib is also available from 30 to 75 ft. (9.14 to 22.86 m) and can be offset to 5, 15 and 25 degrees. For additional tip height, a 190-foot main boom can be combined with a 75-ft. (22.86 m) jib for a maximum tip height of 265-ft. (80.77 m). This combination can be hoisted, from the ground, unassisted.

Outstanding job application flexibility

For real versatility, an angle boom is available for severe and duty cycle applications. A five-foot, single sheave tip extension is also available. In addition to its outstanding lift crane capabilities, the tube and angle boom top sections are outfitted with universal top section connecting lugs for auxiliary sheaves and pile driving adapter. All these features are designed to make it the most job-application flexible crane on your jobsite.

Quick counterweight removal and setup

Link-Belt’s patented and exclusive hydraulic counterweight removal system has been incorporated into the new LS-218H II for easy, simple handling of the new, two-piece 50,700 lb. (22 997 kg) counterweight combination. A convenient, hand-held remote control station that allows an operator to stand at the rear of the crane and monitor the installation and removal of the two-counterweight sections weighing 25,350 lbs. each further complements this simple, effective system. With the counterweight removal system, “Quick Draw” and a simplified lower jacking system, the LS-218H II easily transports in five loads, without the assistance of a “helper” crane.

The new HYLAB cab

The LS-218H II is the first Link-Belt HYLAB crane to feature the totally redesigned operators’ cab. In addition to the full complement of backlit gauges, adjustable armrest-mounted controls, the ergonomic design offers the operator several advantages, such as greater visibility, more room, easy to read and intelligently located controls and gauges, adjustable boom and load hoist controls and a six-way adjustable seat. Most importantly, the new cab is set up to be highly functional and very comfortable.

‘Measure the Difference’ with these features

To make the LS-218H II even more versatile and productive, new “Blocked-Over-The-End” capacities are now available.

The crane also includes audio and visual alarms for swing, the engine monitor and the load indicator. Standard left, right and front catwalks are easily remove and store for transport. The LS-218H II is powered by an Mitsubishi 6D24-TEB diesel engine with 263 brake horsepower that includes full engine instrumentation in addition to a service monitor.

Additional standard features not found on cranes in this class are pilot operated hydraulic controls, PAT E165 Load Indicator, drum pawls on front and rear drums as well as the boom hoist.

Field-proven hydraulic power flow system

Link-Belt’s proven state-of-the-art variable displacement hydraulic power system was first introduced with the HYLAB crawler cranes several years ago. With this system, load hoist and lowering speeds are directly proportional to hoist lever movement. Boomhoist speed is controlled in a similar manner.

Meets OSHA requirements for personnel handling

The LS-218H II meets OSHA Ruling 29 CFR (October 3, 1988 and April 18, 1989) regarding two-block and automatic brake systems on cranes used to handle personnel. All HYLAB cranes, including the new LS-218H II feature anti-two block systems as standard equipment.