Link-Beltís 90-ton truck crane big success
with California crane owners

Lexington, KY (September, 2005) Ė Over the years, Link-Beltís telescopic truck cranes have enjoyed a reputation in California for big capacity and easy over-the-road transportability, but none have earned such high marks as the new HTC-8690.

John Skaff, General Sales Manager at Link-Beltís California distributor, Nixon-Egli Equipment Co., said, ďThe HTC-8690 90-ton (81.6 mt) truck crane has the optimum blend of big capacity and over-the-road mobility for the California market. When you see all of the crane houses beginning to acquire this unit, you know you have a winner.Ē

The HTC-8690 marks the first application of Link-Beltís innovative five-section, 140 ft (42.7 m) formed boom, featuring a patented locking and latching system that is unmatched in serviceability, operational simplicity, and lift capacity. Unlike other cranes in this class, the HTC-8690 has no deduct in the capacity chart when telescoping a load. This fact, coupled with its outstanding roadability, has caught the eye of California crane owners.

Recent orders for the HTC-8690 have come from Bragg Crane Service, who purchased two units in 2004, and then optioned four additional units in 2005 for their western U.S. crane operations; and Bigge Crane & Rigging, of Oakland, has purchased an HTC-8690, along with placing an order for three HTC-8675 75-ton (68 mt) telescopic truck cranes.

Other long-standing California Link-Belt crane owners have acquired an HTC-8690, such as Hill Crane Service, of Long Beach, KEL Crane, Anglemeyer Crane Service, of Azusa, Hydraulic Crane Service, of Santa Fe Springs, and Crane Rental Service, of Orange. Hatton Crane purchased two units, and Bobís Cranes, of San Diego, has ordered his second HTC-8690, to be delivered in November of this year.

Even some first-time Link-Belt crane owners like King Crane are sharing in the success with orders for the very first three HTT-8690, hydraulic truck terrain cranes. This version of the HTC-8690 features a 90-ton (81.6 mt) lift capacity with large super single tires, which afford outstanding roadability, as well as rear steering capability, which gives these machines superb on-the-job mobility.



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