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January 11, 2017
Lexington, Ky. – Link-Belt Construction Equipment announces the next evolution of its patented crane operating system, Link-Belt Pulse 2.0. Based on ongoing operator and customer feedback, the intuitive design of Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 provides a... | READ MORE |
December 21, 2016
Lexington, KY – Paul Culler has been promoted to vice president, manufacturing for Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company effective January 1, 2017. Chuck Martz, Link-Belt’s chairman, CEO, and president made the announcement at the company’s... | READ MORE |
November 30, 2016
Lexington, KY – Link-Belt will debut the all-new 130-ton (117.2 mt) 228 HSL at Con Expo 2017, March 7-11, in Las Vegas, Nev. The 228 builds on the legendary success of the job-proven Link-Belt HYLAB lattice boom crawler line-up,... | READ MORE |
November 15, 2016
Lexington, KY – ALL Erection & Crane Rental (ALL Erection) has announced the purchase of six Link-Belt 250-ton (230 mt) TCC-2500s, with initial machine delivery in March 2017 and remaining deliveries spread through mid-2018. A... | READ MORE |
November 2, 2016
Lexington, KY – For customers across the globe, Link-Belt is proud to announce the solution for expanding the top-end of telecrawler fleets with the highest capacity telecrawler currently available in the market. Link-Belt is unveiling the all-new... | READ MORE |
October 26, 2016
Lexington, KY - Greiner Industries, Inc. of Mount Joy, Pa. specializes in rolling and forming heavy steel, modular coating, hydro cutting, heavy machining, blasting and powder coating. As the specialty needs of their company... | READ MORE |
October 24, 2016
Lexington, KY - II in One Contractors is a Chicago-based general contractor established in 1984. The company specializes in carpentry, excavation, form and place concrete, masonry, reinforcement steel placement and... | READ MORE |
October 15, 2016
Welcome to Link-Belt Training Our mission is to train and educate Link-Belt Cranes distributor personnel and customers in the correct operation, lube and maintenance, troubleshooting and calibration of Link-Belt Cranes, as well as training for the... | READ MORE |
September 28, 2016
Lexington, KY – In order to operate under tight bridge clearances for a project in Colorado, the Washington-based Malcolm Drilling Company is utilizing the low overhead clearances of a Link-Belt 110-ton (100-mt) TCC-1100. For Malcolm Drilling,... | READ MORE |
August 29, 2016
Lexington, KY – Link-Belt Construction Equipment is proud to introduce the new 250-ton (226-mt) 298 Series 2 lattice crawler crane, built upon its highly successful job-proven predecessor, the 298 HSL. “We believe the new transport package and... | READ MORE |
August 9, 2016
Lexington, KY – Capital City Group, with five branch offices throughout Ohio and West Virginia, has twenty-two years of experience in the crane business. Recently, Capital City Group took ownership of a new 110-ton (100 mt) Link-Belt HTC-86110... | READ MORE |
August 4, 2016
Lexington, Ky. – Interstate 69 is classified by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration as one of America’s six “Corridors of the Future. These “Corridors of the Future” are intended to help reduce traffic congestion and improve the efficiency of... | READ MORE |
July 28, 2016
Lexington, Ky. - A major indicator of success for U.S. railroad companies in the 1960s was determined by how much and how fast goods could travel and at the time, locomotive horsepower was the simple solution. General Motors' GP20... | READ MORE |
July 21, 2016
Lexington, Ky. – Skeeter Collins, North American Sales Manager Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co., announced the appointment of Doc Bailey Cranes & Equipment of Hawaii Inc. as the authorized Link-Belt crane distributor for Hawaii. Doc... | READ MORE |

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